Star Charge is a core member of CharIN.

Star Charge, a company dedicates in researching and developing charging technology and producing equipment for New Energy Vehicle, its self-developed operation platform is compatible with all the EV models which are complying with GB/T standards.

About Star Charge

We provide smart equipment, platforms, users and data operation services for global customers. Trying to provide better service for users charging experience by improving NEV sales, EV private charging & public charging share, financial insurance share and other business.

Through our corporate strategy of one-end energy interconnection and one-end industry interconnection, we would finally achieve the ultimate dream of connecting the world in charging.

Now our company has become a major private electric vehicle charging operator in China with significant advantages in high-power charging technology and intelligent operation and maintenance platform.

Star Charge, as the leading EV charging infrastructure operator in China, currently it has more than 170,000 charging units registered on the operation platform providing about 5 million kWh on the daily bases. Star Charge keeps on being quicker and smarter, as a continuously profitable charging operator.

Star Charge is the only pile manufacturer granted participating the major application demonstrative project for mutually supported energy networks of National Administration of Energy and listed in “Made in China 2025”program. Also be the Ministry of Science and Technology "new energy vehicles" 2018 annual special projects for the three national-level projects, leading the establishment of country's only innovative center of smart energy equipment for N.E.V.

Star Charge has formed strategic partnership with almost 60 Auto OEMs worldwide which include Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, and Volkswagen as international OEMs, BYD and BAIC as the domestic OEMs.

Star Charge involves in all charge standards drafting work as a national standard drafting member, also as a Chinese delegate participates in drafting the IEC international standards. In the meantime, Star Charge is one of the two leading companies of HPC application assigned by National Standardization Committee.

Star Charge will never spare no effort in improving energy consuming efficiency, promoting industrial structure reform and energy conservation with reducing emission. Also Star Charge will make all the efforts in its power to assist national auto industry marching towards the prime and contribute to the cause of developing the national new energy industry.

Star Charge became CharIN member on 09/20/2017.

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Xie Lingyan (Linda Xie)

R&D Standardization Engineer

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