Semitech Semiconductor PTY Ltd. is a regular member of CharIN.

Semitech develops and sells Semiconductor IP and Chips that provide Wireless & Powerline Communication for Industrial applications such as Power Grid management and Electric Vehicle charging.

About Semitech Semiconductor PTY Ltd.

Semitech Semiconductor is an Australia based fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops, and markets highly versatile and robust low-cost communication devices for the Industrial Internet of Things. Its solutions (chips, modules, IP) include Power Line Communications and Low-Power Wireless technologies that use “no new wires” to implement a communication network. These products are at the heart of a “Smarter Electric Grid” with far-reaching impacts on the productivity, efficiency, and operations through applications such as Vehicle Electrification and Charging, Intelligent Metering, the Connected “Smart City,” Connected Industrial Automation and more.

Semitech Semiconductor PTY Ltd. became CharIN member on 06/14/2022.

Semitech Semiconductor PTY Ltd. contacts

Zeev Collin

Semitech Semiconductor, CEO

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