QualityLogic is a core member of CharIN.

QualityLogic’s industry-leading test tools, training, and consulting services are major contributors to standards and certification program development for EV Charging and EV products.

About QualityLogic

One of the major challenges for vendors in transportation electrification is the interoperability of communications between EVs and charging stations, and between charging stations and electric grid operators for both V1G and V2G applications. Electric vehicles and the operation of the charging infrastructure are becoming a critical component of the modern electrical system. Charging infrastructure standardization and interoperability is critical to scale EV adoption and integration into electrical grid operations. That’s where QualityLogic comes in. We are the leader in creating interoperable eco-systems around industry standards for functionality and communications. We train, advise, and create the test tools for implementing eco-system standards.

QualityLogic became CharIN member on 09/21/2023.

QualityLogic contacts

Steve Kang

General Manager, Smart Energy

James Mater

Director of Strategy, Smart Grid

Jacob Flores

Lead Manager, Smart Energy

Travis Franklin

Senior Marketing Manager