Public Power Corporation S.A. is a regular member of CharIN.

Innovation Hub Department is a support unit that belongs to the digital transformation sector of the Greek Public Power Corporation and its activities include a multitude of tests on Energy Production / Transmission / Distribution equipment.

About Public Power Corporation S.A.

Innovation Hub Department possesses rich and constantly evolving laboratory testing, as well as equipment inspection experience. Thus, it is a trusted partner offering credible guidance through the quality assurance and conformity assessment.

E-Mobility Field - Development of a reliable Electromobility Laboratory which comprises Complete Certification Testing for all aspects of EV Charging Stations. PPC plans to own the “largest EV charging stations network” in Greece, that comprised of EV Charging Stations and Charging Station Management Systems.

Testing & Inspection - Tests and calibrations in its laboratories, research, onsite inspections in the areas of occupation of PPC Group. Specialized consultation as well as quality control inspections of existing equipment and under-purchase materials for all installations.

- Research Programs under European or Greek sponsorship - The current IH’s research projects present scientific and industrial interest: Cyber ​​Security in Industrial Electronic Systems, IoT, UAV / UAS, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Specialized Testing Methods, Biofuels.

Public Power Corporation S.A. became CharIN member on 06/14/2022.

Public Power Corporation S.A. contacts

Marios Valsamakis

Head of Electrical Tests and Measurements Section

Dimitrios Kaimaras

Deputy Assistant Director