Prodrive Technologies B.V. is a regular member of CharIN.

Prodrive Technologies is a research, development and production partner for various industries, providing charging solutions for both infrastructure and automotive markets.

About Prodrive Technologies B.V.

Since 1993 Prodrive Technologies is active in power electronics development and production in various industries and applications, medical, semiconductor, industrial, energy & infrastructure and e-mobility. During the years many competences have been developed such as electronics, mechanics, software, control, magnetics, physics.

All our manufacturing facilities are global copy-exact, highly automated, statistically controlled and energy efficient.

Our charging product portfolio includes AC-chargers, DC-chargers, automatic charging systems and customer specific solutions.

Prodrive Technologies B.V. became CharIN member on 06/30/2023.

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Prodrive Technologies B.V. contacts

Michael van Rijen

Business Development Manager EV Charging

Nilles Vrijsen

Product Line Manager EV Charging