PowerHydrant is a regular member of CharIN.

PowerHydrant exploits the “smart-phone dividend” of ubiquitous low-cost high-performance computation and sensing for autonomous robotic conductive EV charging.

About PowerHydrant

PowerHydrant is a startup focused on applying the “smart phone dividend” to deliver 3D vision sensor based conductive autonomous fast charging for Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent eMobility.

Based in Boston’s Innovation District, PowerHydrant is a member of the MIT Startup Exchange, and part of Autodesk’s inaugural Startups in Residence (STIR) group. We are Participants in the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) IWC. We have been selected for inclusion as an affiliate in Argonne National Lab's Joint Center for Energy Storage Research. PowerHydrant successfully participated in the National Renewable Laboratory’s inaugural Megawatt Charging System test event.

5 Patents issued in US and China. 

PowerHydrant became CharIN member on 02/27/2019.

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