P3 automotive GmbH is a core member of CharIN.

P3 is an international consulting company, that offers technology consulting and engineering services, as well as software development for automotive and energy industry.

About P3 automotive GmbH

P3 understands the transition towards electric mobility as a holistic requirement, which requires new technology, supply chains and a holistic ecosystem.

P3 consults its customers along the whole value chain of e-mobility and EV charging: From standardization and conception of components and battery systems, to definition and roll-out of charging infrastructure and the support to set-up digital services.

Since 15 years, P3 has gained broad experience in e-mobility topics for international customers from automotive, TIER1 and energy industry with a focus on cell/battery technology, powertrain and charging infrastructure.

P3 automotive GmbH became CharIN member on 01/01/2020.

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P3 automotive GmbH contacts

Markus Hackmann

Managing Director

Johanna Heckmann

Head of Charging Infrastructure

Bonjad Satvat

Project Manager