Strong together.

"Alone we can do so little - together we can do so much."

Helen Adams Keller (Writer)

To exchange information and collaborate on special projects and events, a cooperation with other organizations is very beneficial. Therefore, CharIN has agreed on a few MOU’s and liaison agreements.

Memorandum of Understanding


Created in 2010, AEDIVE gathers the industrial, technological and services value chain of E-Mobility in Spain and Portugal. Its members consist of companies ranging from SMEs, OEMs, charging point manufacturers, charging point operators and other companies with a commercial interest in electromobility, universities, public institutions, research & development centers, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, and other relevant companies supporting and encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles and electromobility across Spain and Portugal. Please find more information at


Association of Entrepreneurs for the Development and Promotion of the Electric Vehicle in Peru, is an institution whose purpose is to promote the use of sustainable mobility with clean energy, helping the development of smart cities. Their vision is to become one of the main references within the electric mobility sector in Peru and the region.

Asociación Nacional Automotriz de Chile, ANAC A.G.

The Asociación Nacional Automotriz de Chile, ANAC A.G., based in Santiago de Chile, unites automotive brand representatives and importers of various vehicles and machinery. Their primary goal is to propose policies promoting sustainable progress in the automotive sector, prioritizing safety, quality of life, competitiveness, and equal opportunities for all stakeholders.

Asociación de Vehículos Eléctricos de Chile A.G. AVEC

AVEC A.G. is a Chilean association whose goal is to massify the use of electric vehicles as soon as possible. It is composed of companies, entrepreneurs, and users related to electromobility. Pollution kills thousands of Chileans every year and for this reason it is important to replace fossil fuel transport with electric transport by 100% as quickly as possible.

The Association for Electromobility AVERE

AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility) is the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe.

AVERE is the only European association representing and advocating for electromobility on behalf of the industry, academia, and EV users at both EU and national levels.

Clean Energy Business Countil CEBC

Registered as a Not-for-Profit Company in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the CEBC is the pre-eminent organisation representing the private sector involved in the clean energy sector across the MENA region.

EEBus Initiative e. V.

The purpose of EEBUS is the development and standardization of the communication interface in order to allow for the interconnection between energy management relevant devices as well as corresponding control systems. Special focus is laid on the local interface for grid relevant interconnected devices where, driven by its cross-industry membership structure, EEBUS has especially developed EV, HVAC, white goods and grid related use cases in line with latest market development topics.

Electric Power Research Institute EPRI

EPRI provides thought leadership, industry expertise, and collaborative value to help the electricity sector identify issues, technology gaps, and broader needs that can be addressed through effective research and development programs for the benefit of society.

Maritime Battery Forum

The MBF is a non-profit organization promoting batteries in the maritime industry by sharing knowledge and information. Through collaboration projects, the MBF members work together on a global understanding of the challenges with batteries on board of ships and set the standard for rules and regulations. The MBF also maintains a Ship Register providing an overview of all battery powered ships around the world.

Smart Electric Power Alliance SEPA

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is a nonprofit organization that envisions a carbon-free energy system by 2050. We are one of many entities globally required to make this vision a reality.

CharIN liaison agreements

With more than 320 active member companies CharIN has become the largest user group of the present standards. To serve the market CharIN collects from its members experience in implementing the standards and works on guidelines how to implement those.

CharIN believes that an exchange of these experiences can be of great help in amending and further developing of the standards of the Combined Charging System (CCS).

ISO International Organization for Standardization

ISO/TC 22/SC 31/JWG 1 (Joint Working Group)