Nyobolt GmbH is a regular member of CharIN.

More power in less time.

Nyobolt develops and manufactures unique high-power batteries with ultrafast charging times and breakthrough solutions unlocking the potential of battery technology.

About Nyobolt GmbH

Nyobolt’s world leading team of technologists have used a systems level approach in developing ultra-fast charging, high power battery solutions. Using new materials, cell designs, efficient software control and power electronics, batteries can now be produced with a much faster charging time and more power at a smaller size. Nyobolt’s unique technology is manufacturable and scalable right now.

It is safer and more efficient than alternatives, reducing operational risk and down time, as well as offering higher overall performance.

Nyobolt GmbH became CharIN member on 06/05/2024.

Nyobolt GmbH contacts

Uwe Hotz

Head of Ecosystem Development

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