Nidec Industrial Solutions is a core member of CharIN.

Nidec Industrial Solutions is a leading international provider of power conversion, power management, microgrid and Battery Energy Storage solutions in the renewable energy market, committed with its technologies to making the world more sustainable.

About Nidec Industrial Solutions

Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS) offers complete, customized electrical systems for energy efficiency in all fields. The more traditional industries - petrochemical, steel, marine - have been joined by a strong Company commitment oriented towards the development of technologies that can contribute to a more sustainable world, witnessed today by the unique expertise of Nidec's business in the field of renewable energies - photovoltaic, wind, hydrogen.

The company has strong know-how in the field of integrated systems for the production and storage of electrical energy (i.e. BESS) from renewable sources and their integration into electricity grids, as well as in the design and implementation of infrastructures for charging electrical vehicles for the development of e-mobility. In addition, the multinational has a specialized heritage in heavy-duty applications with electric motors and generators up to 65 MW power (87,000 hp), electronic power converters and inverters, microgrid, automation and software for industrial processes, and the retrofitting of power plants and hydroelectric generators.

Nidec Industrial Solutions became CharIN member on 01/01/2024.

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