MAHLE chargeBIG GmbH is a regular member of CharIN.

MAHLE chargeBIG is enabling future mobility by providing large scale and cost-effective charging infrastructure with intelligent load and tariff management.

About MAHLE chargeBIG GmbH

MAHLE chargeBIG offers a turn-key ready solution for different charging demands: First, an AC destination charging solution for fleets and use cases of 18 to 100 or more charging points. This solution is specialized on charging while parking with charging power up to 7.2kW. Our system conforms to calibration law requirements and is easy to use. Additionally, we develop a DC charging system with charging power up to 750kW for fast charging at hubs and highways. Thanks to the intelligent control, the charging system enables up to 20 electric vehicles to be charged form a reasonably sized grid connection. By selecting the tariff, the user can order the charging capacity that fits the electric vehicle and travel plan.

MAHLE chargeBIG GmbH became CharIN member on 06/14/2022.

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Nicole Dötterer

Marketing and Sales

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