Lincoln Electric is a core member of CharIN.

Lincoln Electric is the world’s largest welding company, now making DC Fast and UltraFast EV Charging solutions.  Lincoln Electric products are known worldwide for their reliability in mission critical applications from Alaska, to the Gulf of Mexico to Dubai and beyond.  Our focus on reliability, field service and being a solutions partner has built our reputation as a great business partner for our customers.

About Lincoln Electric

With over 11,000 employees, 56 factories and $3.8 Billion in revenue, The Lincoln Electric Company is the world’s largest welding, joining and welding automation company in the world.  Started in 1895 by John and James Lincoln, The Lincoln Electric Company has forged its reputation for performance in mission critical applications by going above and beyond the minimum specifications and focusing on building solutions that exceed customer expectations. 

In its main 1.7 mm square foot facility in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electric produces over 100,000 electric power sources (welders) starting at the PC Board level.  Its electronics factory makes over 50,000 PC Boards per month starting from the blank and controlling the complete supply chain for electrical components.

In addition to a completely vertically integrated manufacturing environment, Lincoln Electrics ability to provide excellent field service with hundreds of factory trained field service technicians already in the field, gives Lincoln Electric an advantage to insure any field issues are dealt with in hours or days, not weeks.

The company that makes the world’s toughest welders is now making the world’s toughest DCFC charger!

Lincoln Electric became CharIN member on 03/15/2023.

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Steven Sumner

VP – Corporate Innovation

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