LG Innotek is a core member of CharIN.

LG Innotek is a global materials and components company (optics, substrate materials, automotive components, electronic components.

About LG Innotek

LG Innotek is Korea’s first electronic components company founded in 1970. LG Innotek is expanding its materials and components businesses in the areas of mobile products, automobiles, displays, semiconductors, and home appliances.

In the field of automobiles, LG Innotek provides high-efficiency, high-reliability, and eco-friendly components for next generation vehicles including current motor vehicles, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, as well as connected cars.

LG Innotek has 2 solutions. 1 of them is Autonomous solutions consisted of camera modules, connectivity modules, radar, lidar. And another is e-mobility solutions consisted of xEV Power module (DC-DC Converter, battery management system, electric vehicle communication controllers) & Lighting solutions like LED Array module, LED Driver module.

LG Innotek became CharIN member on 09/20/2017.

LG Innotek contacts

Jin-kwang Kwak

Professional in the Automotive Component Product Planning Team

Donggyu Shin

Professional in the Automotive Component Product Planning Team

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