LG Electronics Inc. is a regular member of CharIN.

LG focuses on maximizing the growth potential of our existing businesses and global customers while remaining acute and responsive to every perspective of the customer experience in the electric vehicle charging industry.

About LG Electronics Inc.

To support future growth in the electric vehicle industry, LG is committed to consistently developing our business portfolio and preparing ahead for advancements in the B2B market and changes in customer needs. LG offers the latest innovations for safe, high quality and reliable charging stations and energy storage systems with scalable management solutions. By leveraging our expertise and know-how in the B2B sector, LG will also offer tailored integrated solutions that meet the varying needs of customers in the fast-growing electric vehicle charging market.

LG Electronics Inc. became CharIN member on 03/15/2023.

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LG Electronics Inc. contacts

Kwangwoon Kim

BS Standard Part, Professional

Hwaok Kim

BS Advanced Technology Development Project, Professional

Seoktae Choi

BS, EVC Development Task, Specialist

Sungho Seo

Product Designer, Manager