KPIT Technologies Limited is a core member of CharIN.

KPIT is a global technology company with software solutions that help mobility leapfrog towards autonomous, clean, smart, and connected future.

It is the partner of choice for software development, integration, and validation for electrification.

About KPIT Technologies Limited

Full suite of Electric Vehicle Communication Controller (EVCC) Solutions which includes ready to use software stacks, accelerators & integration services.

KPIT Smart Charge, a generic platform can help EV OEMs and Tier1s suppliers significantly reduce project cost, accelerates the product launch cycles compared to developing an in-house solution.

Key Offerings:

  • AUTOSAR (KSAR 4.2.2) compliant Charging Communication stack that conform to support CCS1/CCS2 ISO/IEC 15118, DIN SPEC 70121, GB/T 27930 and CHAdeMO standards

  • Conformance test suite for charging communication testing: ISO 15118 Part4, Part5 and DIN 70122 conformance test cases

  • EVCC / Charging Communication Controller (CCU) hardware reference platform

  • Ready to use Application Software Components which conform to IEC, ISO, SAE, GBT and CHAdeMO standards

  • Customizable and Scalable EVCC & CCU platform to help accelerate OEM’s and Tier1’s Time to Market

  • EV Onboard Charging Control

  • Inter-standard gateway Functions (G/BT – ISO and ISO – CHAdeMO)

KPIT Technologies Limited became CharIN member on 09/17/2019.

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KPIT Technologies Limited contacts

Sophia Suo

Head – Electrified Powertrain

Ketan Doshi

Senior Solution Architect, Electric Powertrain

Jayesh Attal

Director - Marketing and Branding