Korea Testing Laboratory is a regular member of CharIN.

Korea Testing Laboratory is an Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing company located in Seoul, Seoul, Korea, Republic of.

About Korea Testing Laboratory

Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) was founded in 1966 with the aid of UNESCO as Korea’s only public comprehensive testing and certification organization. While Korean people have worked together to achceive the Miracle of the Han River over the last half century. KTL has contributed to the country’s economic development by fulfilling its own duties of the times, such as the development and dissemination of testing and evaluation technologies as well as support for international certification acquisition, which enhance the qualitative and technological edge of Korea companies and strengthen their export competitiveness.

KTL will continue to do its utmost to accomplish tasks demanded by the times through concerted efforts by all of its members.

First, in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, digital and eco-friendly, we will create results by developing international standards for 4th industries, and establishing test and evaluation platforms, and in order to leading the journey to the digital and green economy,  KTL's expertise will be applied to various industries such as AI, big data and RE100.

Second, through testing and certification, evaluation support, and technology development consulting, we will be a partner in corporate growth by contributing to the quality of the companies  and proactively responding to potential trade technology barriers (TBT) to improve export competitiveness and market development.

Third, as the only public comprehensive test certification institution in Korea, KTL will actively utilize its expertise to identify the causes of threats to public safety and run nonstop to resolve blind spots for public safety.

Fourth, having been relocated to the Gyeongnam region, KTL will make various efforts to grow as a member of the local community   and make various efforts to develop the local economy and industrial development by discovering major regional industries.

Lastly, KTL will fulfill our responsibilities as a public institution and create an organizational culture with communication, harmony, change, innovation, integrity and process to maximize KTL's capabilities.

Korea Testing Laboratory became CharIN member on 01/01/2022.