Kempower Oy is a core member of CharIN.

Kempower is the leading DC charging & technology provider in the Nordics. Our goal is to create an EV charging infrastructure so extensive and reliable, that the electric vehicles can and will be the new reality.

About Kempower Oy

Kempower Oy designs and manufactures DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles operating in the most demanding conditions.  We are a large-scale charging system supplier, and our aim is a smoothly running and practical electric mobility infrastructure. With 70 years of experience in demanding electric power supplies and our vast partner network, we set the bar high in engineering and user-experience design. Our charging solutions and data & cloud services are designed and produced  by EV drivers in Lahti, Finland and available globally.

Kempower Product Family
Kempower Oy became CharIN member on 03/10/2021.

Kempower Oy contacts

Tomi Ristimäki


Mikko Veikkolainen


Tommi Liuska

Director, Sales

Erik Kanerva

Director, Marketing

Paula Savonen

Manager, Marketing & Communications, Media contacts

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