grivix is a core member of CharIN.

We power emobility! grivix’s autonomous megawatt charging system for heavy-duty and off-road electrical vehicles charges in 10 mins, fully autonomously, conveniently, and safe.

About grivix

grivix's is a Swiss company with strong expertise in developing charging solutions for electric vehicles.

grivix has developed an autonomous charging system that provides a seamless, safe, convenient and extremely fast charging experience for various heavy duty vehicles in the automotive, mining, marine and aviation industries.

Thanks to optimal engineering design and unique cooling technology, the system is fully integrated, eliminating all unnecessary parts, making the system affordable for rapid adoption/scale-up and charging various commercial electric vehicles in 10 minutes at 5MW.

The system also includes a communication & positioning module on the side of the vehicle, which optimally brings the vehicle to the charging robot, providing driver comfort & safety in harsh environments, reducing errors and unnecessary infrastructure costs.

grivix became CharIN member on 06/16/2023.

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