Gridwiz Inc. is a regular member of CharIN.

GridWiz is an Energy Company doing business on Demand Response, Energy Storage System, Renewable Energy, and E-Mobility services.

About Gridwiz Inc.

GridWiz’s CCS (Combined Charging System)-based solution provides every solution necessary for electric vehicle manufacturers, charger manufacturers, and charging service providers.

As the leader of DIN SPEC 70121, ISO 15118, OCPP, the international standards for electric vehicle charging industry, we lead the domestic and overseas markets with customers worldwide.

 We also provide EV charger and Platforms that can be integrate to energy service as well as CCS modems.

Gridwiz Inc. became CharIN member on 09/21/2016.

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Gridwiz Inc. contacts

Jason Gwanghun Seong

Sales Leader, E-Mobility Division

Jacob Hyunho Jung

Sales Manager, E-Mobility Business Group

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