Gloquadtech Co., Ltd. is a regular member of CharIN.

Gloquadtech is a pioneer of EV Charging Communication Solutions. We make the world and our community sustainable with Green Technologies.

About Gloquadtech Co., Ltd.

Gloquadtech has been providing EV OEMs and EVSE manufacturers with EV Charging Communication Solutions, including SECC, EVCC, and simulators since 2012. Our products are working on very various EV Chargers and Electric Vehicles.  We have been developing the technology to meet the requirement of customers and the market.

Gloquadtech contributed to the first EV Charger Project, which is compliant with DIN70121 in Korea. We are a member of the expert group of Electric Vehicle standardization in Korea. We have been cooperating with global EV OEMs and EV Charger Manufacturers for the CCS standards' Interoperability.

Gloquadtech Co., Ltd. became CharIN member on 01/01/2020.

Gloquadtech Co., Ltd. contacts

In Young Cho

Business Development, VP