Energie 360° AG is a core member of CharIN.

Energie 360° makes sustainable energy and mobility available throughout Switzerland. The group plans, builds and operates charging solutions.

About Energie 360° AG

As a financially strong and extremely reliable Charge Point Operator (CPO), Energie 360° teams up with ambitious partners from different industries such as AXA Insurance, McDonald’s and the Coop retail group. It invests in electric charging infrastructure and provide customers with renewable, sustainable energy – always with the vision in mind: create an impact here and now for future generations.

With its shareholdings, Energie 360° forms a mobility group like no other in Switzerland. The group covers a particularly broad range of services along the sustainable mobility value chain – ranging from consulting to scalable charging solutions for all types of locations. Its mobility customers include global companies, fleet operators, property owners and private individuals.

GOFAST: With partners such as McDonald’s, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) and various energy suppliers, as well as many other companies, GOFAST is building and operating the largest and fastest growing network of high-power charging hubs in Switzerland.

Swisscharge.ch: One of the largest and fastest growing e-mobility networks in Switzerland. It operates an innovative CPO and EMP platform with a very high growth rate. Swisscharge.ch serves its CPO and EMP partners with modular services as well as hard- and software solutions for all kinds of charging use cases. Partners such as AXA and the Touring Club Suisse (TCS) rely on the quality of its solutions.

Protoscar: The e-mobility consultants with 30 years of experience and a very diverse team that provides hands-on analysis for e-mobility use cases e.g. in the real estate sector or for public authorities. Protoscar is on top of all relevant mobility innovations. Its services include master plans for charging infrastructures for cities, municipalities and the real estate sector as well as location analyses, fleet consulting and training.

Energie 360° AG became CharIN member on 06/09/2021.

Energie 360° AG contacts

Rami Syväri

Head of Mobility, Member of the Executive Board at Energie 360°

Domenic Lanz

Managing Director at GOFAST

Albert Lehmann

Founder and Managing Director at swisscharge.ch

Ilaria Besozzi

Managing Director at Protoscar

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