Electric Green is a regular member of CharIN.

Electric Green is developing smart, scalable and cost-effective wireless charging technology. It will drive EV mass adoption because it is easy to integrate, deploy and manage.

About Electric Green

Electric Green is a London-based green technology company with a unique approach to delivering wireless charging infrastructure. The solutions are cost-effective, reliable and easy to deploy for infrastructure providers on the ground and for OEMs on vehicles via patented Capacitive Transfer System (CTS) technology. 

The centralised design, specialised components and use of CTS enable the delivery of a ‘1-2-many’ bi-directional ground assembly. The infrastructure is suitable for public and fleet deployments with no street or depot obstructions.

Electric Green became CharIN member on 09/21/2023.

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Electric Green contacts

Martin Beaumont

Leadership, CEO

Dorian Vargas-Reighley

Leadership, CTO

Isobel Arrowsmith

Marketing and Communications, Head of Marketing

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