Easelink GmbH is a regular member of CharIN.

As a high-tech company Easelink is redefining charging infrastructure for electric vehicles with the development of the automated charging technology Matrix Charging®.

About Easelink GmbH

Ongoing developments in the field of autonomous driving and the demand for more user comfort for charging electric vehicles underline the need for an automated charging technology.

Easelink develops the automated conductive charging technology Matrix Charging®. Compared to other technologies, Matrix Charging® offers decisive advantages in terms of charging performance, efficiency, manufacturing costs, as well as outdoor application and the possibility of installation in public spaces. This makes Matrix Charging® the key technology for an area-wide e-mobility charging network. Easelink aims to set a global standard for automated conductive charging with Matrix Charging.

Easelink GmbH became CharIN member on 02/27/2019.

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Easelink GmbH contacts

Sebastian Demuth

Product Manager

Patricia Krenn

Marketing & Communication Specialist