Designwerk Products AG is a regular member of CharIN.

Committed to sustainability, we promote electromobility by developing and producing innovative commercial vehicles, battery packs and charging devices.

In doing so, we combine solid engineering performance with attractive industrial design.

About Designwerk Products AG

Designwerk Technologies AG, founded in 2007, drives electric-mobility forward with innovative products and projects and aims to promote sustainable mobility. The company acts as a think tank for electromobility and combines engineering performance with industrial design.

Its portfolio of more that 100 projects includes a new fully electric model of the classic BMW Isetta, which led to the Microlino project – an 18 ton electric truck – and the co-development of the DXP postal delivery vehicle. The subsidiary Designwerk Products AG emerged from the electric truck manufacturer Futuricum AG, which was founded in 2017. Since 2019, the company has taken over series production of all products of the parent company Designwerk Technologies AG and now operates under its name and brand.

The company’s production programme includes Futuricum brand electric trucks, mobile rapid chargers, modular battery systems for electric vehicles and airport equipment.

Designwerk Products AG became CharIN member on 01/01/2020.

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Designwerk Products AG contacts

Vivien Dettwiler

Member of the Executive Board