CIRCE-Technology Centre is a regular member of CharIN.

We are a technology centre founded in 1993 and based in Zaragoza (Spain), seeking  to anticipate and transfer technological solutions for a sustainable development.

About CIRCE-Technology Centre

CIRCE’s mission is to improve the competitiveness of companies by generating and transferring technology through market-oriented R&D and training activities in the field of sustainability and resource efficiency, energy networks and renewable energies.


We conduct applied research in collaboration with other institutions to ensure our solutions are transferred from the laboratory to business and then to society.



The fact that we are so closely connected to the industrial sector enables us to offer added-value R&D services and transfer our expertise according to each company’s needs and characteristics.

In the field of electric mobility, CIRCE has been developing power electronics for over 15 years for electric vehicle DC chargers, with a special focus on DC V2G charger designs, and communication electronics between the vehicle and the charger. Additionally, for more than a decade, CIRCE has been dedicated to the programming of communication protocols between the vehicle and the off-board charger, and between the charger and the network operator.



Drawing on the insight gained from our R&D&I work, we offer specialized courses in specific fields, as well as technological updates for companies.

CIRCE-Technology Centre became CharIN member on 03/05/2024.

CIRCE-Technology Centre contacts

Communication & Marketing Department

Communication & Marketing Department

Alejandro Díaz

Electronics Systems Department, group director