ChargeTronix, Inc. is a regular member of CharIN.

ChargeTronix is committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by providing industry-leading charging infrastructure and end-to-end solutions for all customer segments. We continuously push the boundaries of technology to electrify tomorrow’s journey, today.

About ChargeTronix, Inc.

ChargeTronix is a leading global manufacturer of reliable, powerful and intelligent electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Providing seamless, all-in-one charging and energy management solutions with unparalleled reliability and customer support, ChargeTronix supports partners across many sectors, including charge point operators (CPO), fleet and network operators, highway corridors, government and municipalities as well as retail and hospitality. 

As adoption of EVs continues to grow, charging infrastructure must evolve to solve current challenges of high demand fees and energy grid instability. ChargeTronix invests in significant research and development to ensure we are at the cutting edge of technology and able to provide proprietary, future-proofed solutions to our customers.

Despite facing market headwinds in recent months, the electric vehicle sector is anticipated to continue to grow, with the demand for fast, efficient charging infrastructure at the forefront. ChargeTronix is focused on deploying adaptable, flexible and customizable charging solutions to meet this demand. We have a strong, profitable business model that will only be bolstered by available government incentives.


ChargeTronix, Inc. became CharIN member on 06/05/2024.

ChargeTronix, Inc. contacts

Stephen Israel

V.P. Operations

Chris McNamara

EV Fleet Sales Manager