Chargecloud GmbH is a core member of CharIN.

Professional management and billing of charging infrastructure with a modular all-in-one solution.

About Chargecloud GmbH

chargecloud started out as a German startup in 2016 and is now an international scale up with e-mobility at its core. Smooth operation processes and a smart integration into existing systems are key to a successful e-mobility business. Customers across Europe are offered a modern, flexible and scalable software-as-a-service solution. The offer: a full white label product portfolio. This includes the CPMS itself, driver-apps, invoicing documents, direct payment websites and mails.

The SaaS is suitable for all types of charging station models and give clients the opportunity to monitor and operate their infrastructure remotely. Billing in compliance with calibration law, flexible payment options, a full customer relationship management and the integration with e-roaming interfaces enable our customers to scale up their e-mobility business.

Chargecloud GmbH became CharIN member on 03/05/2024.

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Danijela Margetic

Business Development

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