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Here’s an overview of just some of the advantages that await you when you are a member of the CharIN association.

The CharIN association is not a closed shop ...

CharIN alliance – an ecosystem to exchange and connect!

When it comes to e-mobility and EV-charging, CharIN is the single point of contact allowing a variety of industries to network, and exchange ideas and knowledge. Representatives of different value chain levels, branches, and regions in the world have the unique opportunity to connect. Advocating for clean transportation, pushing the evolution of EV-charging infrastructure, exchange with governmental institutions, give industry perspectives and position papers, and discussing with technology experts, CharIN offers a broad range of activities. Industry-aligned positions and information on all topics of e-mobility can be talked through in a comprehensive way.

We want to foster an open exchange between all stakeholders on improvement potentials with regards to e-mobility, to promote and support the development of promising technologies. Therefore, more companies around the globe with a link to e-mobility are welcome to join our network. When CharIN was founded back in 2015, we started with eleven members. Today, we count more than 300, and growing.

Membership Categories

The CharIN association is comprised of two types of members: Core Members and Regular Members. Please refer to the CharIN Articles of Association for more details of what’s involved for each category.

Core Members are particularly closely involved in global activities relating to the Combined Charging System (CCS) and have a particular set of rights and duties within the association’s framework. All the founding members are automatically Core Members, but any member can become a Core Member if they fulfil certain criteria.

Regular Members
, as the name implies, are those who are not Core Members. They may be people or companies in relevant organisations, such as automotive component suppliers, power utilities, public authorities, IT and communications, non-profit organisations etc. They support the rollout of the CCS and participate in one or more working groups together with the Core Members.

Application Procedure

Once you’ve decided you’d like to become a member of the CharIN association, all you need to do initially is make a written application to the association’s board.

The board members and the steering committee will then discuss your application and vote on acceptance. If your application is accepted, you may be asked to make a membership payment to the association according to the Dues Schedule.

For a formal membership application, please, download and complete the (Membership) Application Form and return it to the Charging Interface Initiative e.V. We are looking forward to partnering with you soon to commonly help in the development and promotion of the Combined Charging System (CCS).

It’s important to note that the CharIN association is not a closed shop. Documentation concerning the architecture, standards and technology behind the CCS is available on demand – there’s no need to become a member if you simply wish to review the relevant technical information.

Contact person

Maria Wasko

Project Coordinator