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Arteco is a joint-venture of Chevron and TOTAL and leader in its market segment. Arteco develops and manufactures quality antifreeze coolants and heat transfer fluids for automotive and industrial applications.

Arteco offers innovative, competitive and efficient aqueous solutions to provide optimized thermal heat transfer and corrosion protection for various cooling systems.

About Arteco nv

In 1998, Chevron and Total created a joint venture company - Arteco - to combine their strengths in the European coolants market. Arteco has enjoyed continuous growth and is now a leader in the European automotive coolant industry. In 2009, Arteco’s geographical scope grew beyond Europe to include Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, with offices in China, Japan and India. 

Arteco is renowned for working in close partnership with most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop coolants meeting their stringent requirements for first fill and service applications. Consequently, we focus on providing state-of-the-art quality products and services, which add value to and complement the needs of our customers. 

Arteco expanded its product range in 2002 and now also produces a wide range of heat transfer fluids for various industrial (non-automotive) applications. Arteco has also become a key player in this market sector.

At Arteco, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs and constantly strive to improve all aspects of our business. From this perspective, corporate social responsibility is a permanent challenge when operating in the chemical industry and a strong driver for Arteco. 

Our base line "Engenious coolants" stands for ENGine and inGENIOUS, both keywords in our industry.

Arteco’s in-house incubator “Arteco X” was launched in 2021 to tap into a global ecosystem of digitization, automation, mobility shift & sustainability. It intends to be the vehicle to hybridize the best of both the corporate world & the start-up scene: leveraging the strengths and benefits that Arteco brings in terms of cooling technology expertise and global presence, with the start-up culture of experimenting, creativity & speed. Its aim is to explore disruptive ideas, rapidly prototype new products & services and validate them through lean methodologies. In doing so, Arteco X believes strategic partnerships with corporate divisions or start-ups will be key to openly innovate & contribute to a cooler world.

The vision of Arteco & its X division is to cool the systems of the ever-warming planet by providing engenious coolant technologies throughout the world.

Arteco nv became CharIN member on 06/09/2021.

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