Aqua superPower is a core member of CharIN.

Aqua superPower is the first global operator of rapid chargers in the marine sector. Our mission is to create a global network with regional corridors to accelerate the transition to a cleaner, odorless and silent boating experience and reduce the impact of boating on our oceans and waterways.

About Aqua superPower

The shift towards clean marine mobility is not only desirable anymore, it is a MUST and Aqua superPower offer a risk, hassle and cost free solution to marina owners, commercial operators helping them meet this massive environmental challenge.

Aqua superPower's DC chargers are brand agnostic and will charge all electric boat brands as they bring new recreational and commercial boats to market. Aqua works closely with boat brands (OEMs) and powertrain manufacturers to ensure they are delivering a no-apologies cleaner alternative to liquid carbon fuels. These collaborations will standardise technology protocols including CCS COMBO, ensuring a seamless user experience that delivers on-demand fast charging while protecting the boat's batteries and ensuring the safety of users.

Each marine fast charging station is smart and is permanently connected to Aqua superPower's backoffice, and customers pay Aqua superPower directly for their consumed electrons. Aqua's self-titled app can help customers find charging stations, check availability, provide real-time charge-session management, and manage their billing.

Through this unique, fully funded service which offers the best user experience for the users and helps marinas decarbonize transport and increase its attractivity and revenues, Aqua superPower paves the way for the next level of green mobility.

Aqua superPower became CharIN member on 06/16/2023.