alpitronic GmbH is a core member of CharIN.

alpitronic is engaged in the development and the production of electronic systems and devices in hardware and software, in particular power electronic applications, embedded systems; especially in the field of powertrain and HPC charging systems for EV’s

About alpitronic GmbH

alpitronic was founded 2009 in Bolzano as a start-up for the development of power electronic systems. In addition to development activities for the automotive sector with customers such as BMW and Daimler, alpitronic has been involved in the development, production, and commercialisation of scalable DC fast charging columns in the power range between 75kW and 300kW since 2017.

The products managed under the brand hypercharger are characterised by their reliability, compact footprint, and advanced design. About half of the employees are developers and are involved in the development of both, own and third-party products.

alpitronic GmbH became CharIN member on 09/20/2017.

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alpitronic GmbH contacts

Alex Kaneppele

Hypercharger product development

Philipp Senoner

Managing Director