ads-tec Energy GmbH is a regular member of CharIN.

ADS-TEC Energy is a subsidiary of the ADS-TEC Group. Its core business is intelligent decentralized energy platforms with integrated battery storage systems.

About ads-tec Energy GmbH

Based on more than ten years of experience with lithium-ion technologies, ADS-TEC Energy develops and manufactures battery storage solutions and fast charging systems including their energy management systems. Its battery-based, fast charging technology enables electric vehicles to ultrafast charge even on low powered grids and features a very compact design.

Our systems are complemented with comprehensive services and secure remote access to all operational data, enabling long-lasting and long-term operation. This way, we ensure that the future decentralized energy system in a CO2-neutral world is safe, efficient, and optimally deployed.

ads-tec Energy GmbH became CharIN member on 09/19/2018.

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ads-tec Energy GmbH contacts

Dennis Müller

SVP Product Marketing & Communications

Sascha König

Director Product Marketing Services

Dr. Anselm Berg

Head of Research and Development