ABB B.V. is a core member and part of the steering committee.

ABB is leading the way to a future of zero emission mobility. At ABB, it’s our mission and purpose to power e-mobility forward.

About ABB B.V.

ABB lays the foundations for a future of smarter, reliable, and emission-free mobility, accessible by everyone, everywhere.  ABB offers a total ev charging solution from compact, high quality AC wallboxes,  reliable DC fast charging stations with robust connectivity, to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems, we deploy infrastructure that meet the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility.

ABB Ability™ connected chargers enable fast global service and pro-active maintenance. ABB has years of experience in creating, installing and maintaining charging infrastructure, including several nationwide charger networks.

ABB B.V. became CharIN member on 12/11/2015.

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ABB B.V. contacts

Werner Marinelli

Commercial Product Manager

Amber Putignano

Global Marketing Leader

Linda Muilwijk

Global Communications specialist

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