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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Communication in the form of the Combined Charging System (CCS) is a core enabling technology for fast charging EVs as well as for future smart grid integration.

Its interoperability is key for user acceptance and economies of scale, but at the same time a major technical challenge due to the huge number of different implementations, individual use cases and requirements on a diverse global market.

We promote CCS by creating different communication forums as exchange and training platforms!

What is the CharIN Academy GmbH?

The best possible visibility and a constant level of awareness are prerequisites on the way to a successful market penetration. In our age, products must be quickly visible on the international market and impress with an unmistakable recognition value. This can be achieved through the right mix of analog, digital and emotional communication. 

In the area of the "Combined Charging System (CCS)", we use a targeted selection of intelligent marketing tools. We also consolidate our global partner network at testivals, trade fairs, congresses, and specialized technology forums. 

CharIN Academy GmbH is the contracted organizing party of the CharIN association providing everyone an opportunity to benefit from live testing on-site, practice-oriented trainings on e-mobility and charging topics and by presentation of their portfolio on internatiopnal trade fairs.

The CharIN Academy GmbH is the contracted organizing party and is acting on behalf of CharIN e. V. to organize the CharIN Testivals, the trainings and events & trade fairs.

CharIN Global Testivals & Conferences

The CharIN Testival brings together companies from the Smart Charging community and their technology experts to conduct conformance & interoperability tests for electric vehicles and charging infrastructures or respective Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and Communication Controllers.

Rather than talking about interoperability, this is a hands-on event digging deep into implementing, supporting and testing interoperability. By participating at this event your company or organization benefits through unprecedented networking with international technology experts in smart charging communication.

The event takes place in different locations. Hosts are companies and institutions in the target area of CharIN e.V. Partners can apply to host one of the next events.

Global Testivals

CharIN Academy Trainings

Get a perfect jumpstart into the industry-approved charging communication standard ISO 15118 in Basic Training. With the Advanced Training you can take a deep dive into the topic of secure charging communication with the user-convenient Plug & Charge feature of ISO 15118.

These trainings are for (electrical) engineers, managers, product designers, entrepreneurs, technology consultants; anyone interested in the field of e-mobility and Charging Communication.

Vocational Training

As this is an introductory course we welcome participants with no prior experience in the field. Although a background in engineering and/or computer science is beneficial it is not required to understand the topic.

Expert Training

As this is an advanced course we recommend that participants have prior experience in the field. For the best possible preparation and a smooth learning experience we recommend that participants visit our Basic Training first.

CharIN Trade Fairs

The CharIN association offers its members attractive "All Inclusive Packages" to be a part of the trade fair and present latest products and innovative system solutions along the whole value chain. The CharIN Academy GmbH books a professional booth builder and pre-reserved a very attractive position.

EVS exhibitors and attendees have access to presentations on leading-edge electric mobility products and research through a full program of juried papers (symposium) and to EV Market Development presentations.

Intern. Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (e.g.)


CharIN Academy GmbH

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André Kaufung

Managing Director CharIN e.V.