CharIN Academy Funding and Finance Services

Take advantage of our full-circle, cradle-to-cradle services, and engage in EU, national, regional and local public funding, tenders and investment financing opportunities.

We can help you find the opportunities that fit you, write a competitive proposal, build your consortium, coordinate your project, and help you fulfil reporting obligations.

Catalogue of services tailored to your needs

Preparation of your Tender.
  • Translation service: Receiving all relevant documents and translation in English
  • In case of need for clarification questions, we facilitate communication in the local language with contracting authorities.
Building your proposal and forming your consortium.
  • Project/Tender development:
    • Partner search and consortium building.
      • Finding international partners.
      • Find and communicate with local partners in national language.
  • Project/Tender proposal:
    • Assisting on writing competitive proposals and tenders.
    • Quality assurance.
    • Communication in local language with contracting authorities.
Coordinating the project and running the consortium.
  • Project Implementation:
    • Project management.
    • Progress monitoring and task coordination, writing milestone reports.
  • Project Communication:
    • Communication with and reporting to contracting authorities
    • Consortium communication.

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Why us?

The network of experts are based around Europe, speak the local language, know the local opportunities and understand local governance, giving your access a special competitive edge.

Which also means deeper visibility: Local tenders identified can be as low as EUR 10,000 in value, something missed when looking at public portals which mostly publish opportunities of a value of EUR 150,000 and above.

Geographic coverage is constantly expanding: Stay tuned for Brazil!

So, meet the Management Team based in Brussels and contact them in any of the following languages: DE, DK, EN, ESP, FR, IT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SWE

Kjeld B. Olesen

Kjeld B. Olesen

Co-Founder & CEO – Time&Place Funding

Kjeld is CEO & Co-Founder of Time&Place Funding. Kjeld is the Funding and Investment Finance expert for CharIN, with more than 30 years of experience from working with both private industry and public authorities. He has, for example, managed ICT projects pertaining to mobile and wireless communication, computer science, robotics, and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

He has worked in Brussels since 2008. Previous and current examples of his work include: (1) Project management of highly technical international cooperation with companies such as Nokia, Motorola, NEC, Alcatel, HP, SMEs, ICT universities and research organizations throughout and outside Europe. (2) Participating in Stakeholder forums for use of ICT to address societal challenges, and the development of joint initiatives to provide input into EU-policy making.

Glenn Cezanne

Glenn Cezanne

Head of Public Affairs, EU – CharIN e.V.

Glenn is Head of Public Affairs, CharIN Brussels. His activities range from being the “go-to” person for European, non-European, national governmental and non-governmental decision-makers for policy and technical initiatives/questions to devising and implementing short- and long-term Public Affairs and Communications strategies.

He can here access information about upcoming policies and initiatives, and get access to the most important “info between the lines” to create the most competitive proposal. He is especially active in DG GROW, DG MOVE (Member of the Sustainable Transport Forum), DG ENER, DG JRC, DG CONNECT and regularly engages the European Parliament and Council bodies ahead and during the relevant legislative procedures relevant to the e-mobility eco-system.