CharIN Ambassadors

CharIN Ambassadors are passionate e-mobility supporters who volunteer to represent CharIN alliance in their country/region and thus, contribute to empower the next level of e-mobility together with us.

How does a CharIN Ambassador support our alliance?

This is not a one way: Or the Ambassadors speak on behalf of CharIN at a local event or they organize meetings in the framework of a local event between e-mobility & charging stakeholders from politics & industry with CharIN Executive Board & Steering Committee members for common exchange.

Since not all countries or regions in the world have reached the same level of e-mobility so far, these exchanges help companies in the respective country/region to learn from other players and to benefit from their learnings in their own transition toward clean transportation.

Hello, I am Roger Atkins, CharIN Ambassador United Kingdom!

"Things take longer to change than you thought they would – then things change faster than you thought they could ... so do it now!"

Hola, mi nombre es
Gastón Fenés,
CharIN Ambassador Argentina!

"I am convinced that the world must move faster towards the electrification of the transportation sector."

Hola, mi nombre es
Andrés Barentin,
CharIN Ambassador

"The question now is not if electromobility is going to happen, it´s how fast is this revolution coming."

Hola, mi nombre es
Francisco Cabeza,
CharIN Ambassador

"The CharIN alliance, with its global reach and focus on standardizing charging protocols, presents an ideal platform to channel my efforts towards accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and expanding charging infrastructure."

Hola, mi nombre es Dr. Adriano Mones Bayo, CharIN Ambassador Spain.

"I am convinced of the relevance of the professional associationism to move towards interoperable, reliable and easy mobility solutions."

Hello, I am
Derek Reilly,
CharIN Ambassador

"My objective is to drive the adoption and awareness of electric vehicles."

Hello, I am
Jamie Marley,
CharIN Ambassador
United Kingdom!

"Marine industry needs to be aware of how important CCS and MCS is to the e-Mobility on water transistion."

CharIN Ambassadors do not only share CharIN´s vision but actively advocate for its objectives like for example increasing CharIN´s exposure and awareness on relevant e-mobility events.

Felina Kallbach

Project Manager